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Marcor Terminal Invests in Greener Operations with New LHM 800 Crane

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Marcor Terminal’s expansion into more sustainable operations takes a significant leap with the acquisition of the new LHM 800 crane. Scheduled for delivery later this year, the crane underscores Marcor’s commitment to utilizing renewable energy and cleaner drive concepts. Notably, this investment aligns with the terminal’s strategic growth plans.

The LHM 800, the second of its kind ordered by Marcor, represents a shift towards greener practices in the bulk industry. Its electric drive unit eliminates the need for diesel engines, reducing local emissions and noise pollution. With a boom length of 64 meters and a capacity of over 2,000 tonnes under ideal conditions, the crane promises increased efficiency in cargo handling.

Primarily tasked with handling dry bulk commodities such as agri-bulk, biomass, and fertilizers, the LHM 800 is expected to boost the terminal’s throughput significantly. Marcor aims to achieve a throughput of 10 million tonnes per year by 2025, reflecting the growing demand for logistical capacity in the green infrastructure sector.

Marcor Terminal

The acquisition of the LHM 800 is part of a broader trend towards sustainable practices in the dry bulk industry. With advancements like Liebherr’s SmartGrip technology, which optimizes grab entry angles and reduces overload, Marcor is poised to lead the way in smarter bulk handling.

Marcor Terminal

Danny Swart, Director of Marcor Stevedoring, sees the LHM 800 as a game-changer in the industry. “It is a versatile and powerful machine that can handle any type of cargo,” he remarks. “Moreover, it aligns with our sustainability goals by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.”

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