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Develon Unveils Stage V Super Long Reach Excavator Range

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Develon , formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment, has launched a lineup of four Stage V Super Long Reach excavators ranging from 24.6 to 52.2 tonnes. The range includes the DX225LC-7 SLR, DX300LC-7 SLR, and DX530LC-7 Semi-SLR and SLR models, tailored for tasks such as excavating lakes, cleaning settling banks, drainage work, and more.

Starting with the DX225LC-7 SLR, featuring 8.5m boom and 6.2m arm components, it offers a maximum digging reach of 15.37m and a maximum digging depth of 11.66m, with bucket and arm digging forces of 10.0 and 6.0 tonnes, respectively.

Moving up, the DX300LC-7 SLR extends capabilities with a maximum digging reach of 17.51m and a maximum digging depth of 13.78m, equipped with 10.0m boom and 7.0m arm components, delivering bucket and arm digging forces of 10.0 and 7.1 tonnes, respectively.


Completing the range, the DX530LC-7 Semi-SLR/SLR models offer extended reach and power. The DX530LC-7 Semi-SLR features 9.0m boom and 6.0m arm components, while the SLR model boasts 11.0m boom and 8.0m arm components. These models provide maximum digging reaches of 16.06m and 19.62m, with respective bucket and arm digging forces.

Powered by robust Stage V diesel engines, the DX225LC-7 SLR and DX300LC-7 SLR utilize 6-cylinder, turbocharged DL06V and DL08V engines, delivering outputs of 129kW (174 HP) and 202kW (271 HP) at 1800 RPM. Meanwhile, the DX530LC-7 Semi-SLR and SLR models are driven by the Scania DC13 engine, producing 294 kW (394 HP) at 1800 RPM.

In addition, all Develon  Super Long Reach Excavators come equipped with the Develon Fleet Management system, offering advanced wireless fleet and asset management capabilities. This system ensures efficient monitoring of machine performance, security, and promotes proactive maintenance measures to enhance reliability and durability.

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