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Castor Marine Renews Jan De Nul Group Contract with Starlink

Jan De Nul
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Castor Marine, renowned for its vessel connectivity solutions, has secured a renewed contract with Jan De Nul Group. This agreement extends the partnership established in 2021, which initially involved over 80 vessels equipped with VSAT, Iridium, and VoIP services. The renewed contract now includes the integration of Starlink across most of Jan De Nul Group’s fleet.

Jan De Nul Group, one of the leaders in marine construction and environmental projects, underscores the importance of reliable vessel connectivity on a global scale. The inclusion of Starlink in Castor Marine’s offerings marks a significant advancement, promising enhanced internet speed and lower latency. This upgrade is expected to greatly benefit both crew welfare and business operations for Jan De Nul Group.

In addition to VSAT, Starlink, Iridium, and VoIP services, the contract encompasses hardware provision and round-the-clock support for Jan De Nul Group’s worldwide fleet. Nils Crabeel, Vessel Communication Manager at Jan De Nul Group, commends Castor Marine for consistently delivering on promises and providing swift and flexible support.

Castor Marine’s tailored connectivity solutions cater to Jan De Nul Group’s specific requirements, including detailed quality-of-service specifications down to VLAN levels. The flexibility demonstrated over the past three years has made scaling up operations seamless for Jan De Nul Group, especially in managing ad hoc, high-bandwidth demands.

Mark Olthuis, Director Maritime Offshore & Energy at Castor Marine, says: “We are thankful for Jan De Nul’s continued trust. As a VSAT Network Operator and Authorized Starlink Reseller, we are proud that our flexible, high-bandwidth airtime solutions match the expectations of the Jan De Nul Group and its fleet and “Castor Marine is committed to providing the best possible mix of LEO and GEO connectivity services to Jan de Nul by anticipating new technologies coming available”

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