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Wagenborg Unveils World’s First Hybrid Telescopic Crane

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Wagenborg Nedlift, in collaboration with Blue Sky Equipment BV, has secured an agreement with China’s XCMG for the delivery of the world’s inaugural hybrid 60-tonne mobile telescopic crane, the XCA60_EV. This partnership marks a significant stride towards emission-free operations in the crane industry.

Expected to be delivered and commissioned this summer, the XCA60_EV represents Wagenborg’s commitment to sustainability and aligns with its overarching corporate vision. By introducing this fully electric-driven and lifted crane, Wagenborg pioneers emission-free solutions in crane services.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable machinery, Wagenborg initiated discussions with various suppliers in 2019, seeking a mass-produced, CE-certified, and TCVT-approved hybrid machine. XCMG’s XCA60_EV emerged as the optimal choice, incorporating European components and meeting stringent Western European market requirements. Notably, the crane will come equipped with EN13000 and RDW inspections, marking a global first in crane technology standards.

Hu Yuan, EU Sales Manager at XCMG, acknowledges Wagenborg’s invaluable contribution to the development process, emphasizing their crucial role in tailoring the crane to meet European market needs. He expresses optimism about the potential for future collaborations and hopes that the XCA60_EV will pave the way for a series of sustainable crane innovations.

Wagenborg’s dedication to sustainability is further exemplified through rigorous testing of the electric crane, conducted throughout the past year. Gerard Bastiaansen, Managing Director of Wagenborg Nedlift, highlights the collaborative effort between Wagenborg’s technical department, operators, and suppliers in refining the crane design. Bastiaansen expresses pride in Wagenborg’s position as the first crane company in Western Europe to introduce a completely emission-free crane, underscoring the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

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