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Liebherr Wheel Loaders at Hans Dömkes GmbH

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Hans Dömkes GmbH, a recycling company in Duisburg, Germany, has relied on Liebherr wheel loaders for over a decade to handle the processing of more than 160,000 tonnes of mineral waste annually. Three Liebherr wheel loaders – an L 538, an L 566 XPower, and an L 576 XPower with High Lift arms – efficiently manage material handling tasks at the site.

The decision to partner with Liebherr was primarily influenced by the wheel loaders’ fuel efficiency and exceptional workmanship, according to Udo Dömkes, Managing Director of Dömkes GmbH. The fuel-efficient XPower generation of wheel loaders consumes significantly less fuel, averaging eleven and a half to twelve litres per hour during various operations. This efficiency is attributed to the innovative power-split XPower travel drive, which combines hydrostatic and mechanical propulsion, resulting in fuel savings of up to 30% compared to conventional wheel loaders.


Markus Schepers, a Liebherr wheel loader operator at Dömkes GmbH, highlights the comfort and safety features of the machines, including automatic travel range shifts and active personnel detection with brake assistance, ensuring a smooth and secure working environment.


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