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Sany’s 71m Pump Sets Record in Singapore

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Sany Group has reached a significant milestone in Singapore by successfully delivering its first overseas-exported S series 71-meter pump truck. This achievement establishes a new record as the longest boom pump truck exported from China to Singapore.

The 71-meter pump truck, upon arrival, immediately commenced operations at the Tuas Nxus project—an essential infrastructure investment by the Singapore government and the world’s inaugural integrated waste and wastewater treatment facility. Liu Xianlong, Managing Director of Zhongfu Singapore, highlighted the client’s consistent preference for Sany’s pump equipment, citing superior quality and service. There are high expectations for the performance of the new 71-meter pump truck.

On-site clients were notably impressed with the truck’s rapid delivery, stability, safety features, and operational efficiency. This groundbreaking S series 71-meter boom pump truck not only signifies top-notch quality and value for money but also represents a leap in technology, pushing the boundaries of concrete pump truck performance.

The truck features a customized chassis designed for optimal weight distribution and compliance with bridge-length regulations, ensuring hassle-free operation. Its 71-meter boom extends the reach of construction projects, complemented by a powerful pumping system for faster, safer, and more efficient operation.

Moreover, the pump truck is at the forefront of smart technology, equipped with a state-of-the-art 318 cab. This includes features such as one-button start, blind-spot monitoring, 360-degree surround view, voice activation, and quick fault diagnosis, enhancing driver safety and operational efficiency.

With an operational height of 71 meters, a compact size, and a highly flexible boom, the Sany S series 71-meter pump truck has garnered global acclaim, consistently driving technological advancement across the industry.

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