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Guy M. Turner Boosts Efficiency with New Link-Belt 65|HT Hydraulic Truck Crane

Guy M. Turner
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Guy M. Turner, Inc., based in Greensboro, N.C., enhances its operations with a new Link-Belt Cranes 65|HT hydraulic truck crane. The company, boasting nearly a century of heavy transportation expertise, prioritized a crane seamlessly integrating into their fleet without additional permits, day or night.

Vice President of the Crane Division at Guy M. Turner, Bo Loy, highlighted the 65|HT’s improvements, notably the extra five feet in the boom, translating to significant time savings. This extended boom enhances efficiency during tasks, reducing on-site duration by up to half an hour, benefiting both the company and its clients.

During the offloading of steel tanks in Graham, N.C., crane operator Steve Bennett emphasized the crane’s stability with the extra five feet of boom and additional counterweight when reaching out 100 feet. The 65|HT’s overall design received praise as “hands down a better machine” from Bennett.

Transportability is a key advantage for Guy M. Turner, with the 65|HT’s 18,700 lbs. total counterweight capable of remaining on during road travel, enabling quick response to emergency jobs without the need for additional permits.

Built for optimization, the 65|HT features lightweight nylon head sheaves for weight reduction and increased capacity. The quick reeve head facilitates fast and easy line changes. The crane’s superior lighting and camera setup, including LED lighting on the cab and rigging equipment, contribute to efficient operations, especially during night work.

Loy emphasized the crane’s readiness for immediate deployment, stating, “Many times, we get a phone call at six o’clock in the evening to go to a certain place for an emergency job. We don’t have to worry about getting the 65|HT permitted. Turn it on and go.”

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