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Liebherr Crane Revitalizes Historic Church in Bad Reichenhall

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Renovation work in the picturesque town of Bad Reichenhall, Germany, is taking place against the backdrop of majestic mountains. The focal point of the project is the restoration of the 12th-century parish church of St. Zeno, a listed historical building. However, the challenging ground conditions surrounding the church posed a significant obstacle. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Tradler-Baumaschinen and Liebherr, a suitable solution was devised to ensure the smooth operation of a top-slewing crane at the church site.

The primary concern revolved around the unstable ground caused by the adjacent cemetery. Furthermore, due to the constraints imposed by the cemetery, the crane and its substructure could only be positioned on the pathways between the graves. Overcoming this dilemma required an innovative approach. The solution involved the utilization of a gantry, a steel construction that provided unrestricted access beneath the crane. A concrete foundation with cement grout-injected micropiles was established, upon which a 6 x 6 meter gantry was placed. These micropiles, with a diameter of less than 30 centimeters, enabled the use of smaller and lighter drilling equipment. The paths were the only areas where foundations were set, ensuring the preservation of the graves. Subsequently, a mobile crane mounted a 250 EC-B flat-top crane with a 21 HC tower system and undercarriage onto the gantry. This configuration offered stability to the crane and allowed it to operate effectively above the graves.

This successful implementation was made possible by the longstanding partnership between Tradler-Baumaschinen and Liebherr. Konrad Kracher, a sales representative at Tradler-Baumaschinen GmbH, expressed his confidence in the partnership, stating, “Liebherr and Tradler-Baumaschinen have enjoyed a successful and trusted partnership for decades.” Alexander Beck, the Area Sales Manager at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Tradler-Baumaschinen’s reliable and customized service to customers. Tradler-Baumaschinen not only provided the crane for the renovation work but also assumed responsibility as the service partner. The assembly process was straightforward, aided by the assembly and transport capabilities of the 250 EC-B crane. The inclusion of LiConnect quick connectors facilitated the attachment of the jib, counter-jib, and other components to the compact head with slewing platform, cabin, and switchgear cabinet.

The Liebherr 250 EC-B crane deployed in Bad Reichenhall boasts a hook height of nearly 51 meters and a 65-meter-long jib. With a jib head lifting capacity of up to 2,850 kilograms and a maximum lifting capacity of twelve tonnes, this top-slewing crane proves to be a powerful tool for the project. Intelligent assistance systems like Micromove assist the crane operator in precise and smooth placement of building materials, crucial for preserving the integrity of the listed church.

Throughout the anticipated year-long renovation period, the tower crane will be involved in various tasks. Initially, it will assist in erecting scaffolding and a temporary roof system. As the project progresses, the top-slewing crane will remove a portion of the protective roof each day, allowing for the movement of materials within the roof truss. Given the reinforcement of the existing roof truss with structural steelwork, frequent transportation of heavy steel elements and other building materials will be necessary.

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