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Trelleborg Launches CX940 Tire for Heavy-Duty Port Operations

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Trelleborg has launched a new tire, the CX940, designed to handle heavy-duty tasks in busy ports and industries like steel mills across the world. The tire is built to provide maximum resistance for equipment such as reach stackers, top picks, and straddle carriers that are in constant motion. The CX940 offers greater stability and comfort to operators, and its unique wear-resistant compound ensures it can withstand long hours of use during high-intensity applications.

Chiara Cianci, Trelleborg’s Product Marketing Manager for Material Handling, highlights the importance of ports as logistics nerve centers for millions of products moving around the world. She states that the new CX940 tire is built to withstand stress and endurance, with its robust casing and optimized tread design providing less downtime and more efficient machines, resulting in significant savings in busy ports.

The CX940 tire features an extra-wide tread that increases operator comfort and provides better resistance when carrying heavy loads. The tire also reduces heat generation even at high speeds, and its reinforced bead construction allows it to make hard turns in tight areas with less stress on the tire.

According to Cianci, the CX940 is designed to meet the demands of modern port operators who require greater resistance and longevity during long, hard days. With Trelleborg tires, operators can focus on swiftly moving merchandise with the assurance that their tires will support their every maneuver.

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