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Record-breaking building transport with Scheuerle SPMT

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Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Logistics Co., a subsidiary of the largest Chinese logistics firm Sinotrans, has successfully relocated a 7,500-ton hotel in Sanya, Hainan Province, using Scheuerle SPMTs. According to the company, this is the heaviest building transport on record. The specialist transport firm distributed the load of the hotel across 254 axle lines and utilized 15 Power Pack Units (PPUs) to drive the vehicle combination.

One of the biggest challenges of the transport was the uneven distribution of weight due to the building’s asymmetrical architecture, measuring 90 meters long, 35 meters wide, and 20 meters high. Despite this, Sinotrans was able to position the structure with extreme precision. Additionally, the experts at Sinotrans had to rotate the building clockwise by 63 degrees and then counterclockwise by 63 degrees during transportation to reach the final destination. 

In order to complete the task, Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Logistics Co. utilized TII Scheuerle’s self-propelled SPMT platform transporters, which were coupled at various angles to form a fan-shaped combination. According to Sinotrans, the high load capacity and excellent synchronization of the individual modules made the use of TII Scheuerle’s SPMT axle lines a favorable choice. This allowed the heavy goods logistics company to achieve the necessary level of precision. With the help of the SPMT axle lines, Sinotrans was able to lift and transport the building precisely and safely over a 500-meter route, taking eight hours to complete the job and set the building up at its new location.

Sinotrans maintains a fleet of 60 of its own Scheuerle SPMT axle lines for such assignments. Additional modules were provided by Sinotrans Sarens Logistics Co. and other partners through collaboration.

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