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New record achieved by Hareket

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Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation has completed the load-out operation of a 10.350 tons ship named “De Transporter” from the floating dock at Tersan Yalova Shipyard breaking its own record for the heaviest single load transportation which was set in 2020. The 180 meter long, 27 meter wide ship was moved 500 meters from the dock to the shipyard area. During the transportation process, a total of 317 axle SPMT’s and hydraulic modular trailers powered by 12 power pack units. 

Proud and excited to break a new record in heavy lifting and transportation in Turkey, Abdullah Altunkum, General Manager of Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation said: “We broke new ground in Turkey in September 2020, again at Tersan, by loading two passenger ships, each weighing 6.200 tons, into the floating dock at the shipyard. This was Turkey’s largest heavy lifting and transport operation. This year, we broke our own record and transported the 10.350 tons De Transporter with a 2 day operation. With this project, we once again demonstrated our strength in the sector”.

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