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First Liebherr PR 776 mining dozer in Indonesia

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Liebherr Indonesia has commissioned the first PR 776 mining dozer in an Indonesian copper and gold mine. Within only two months, the 70-tonne dozer has achieved over 1.000 operating hours. The constant power management of the hydraulic system ensures low fuel consumption and enables a reduction in the carbon footprint. Additionally, a Liebherr instructor was dispatched on site to train the mine’s dozer operators and enable them to better understand the operating procedures of the PR 776. The dozer operators greatly favoured the PR 776’s integrated ROPS/FOPS cab feature, which provides an all-round visibility and further enhances workplace safety. 

The introduction of the first PR 776 in Indonesia, as a strategic mining market, is a significant step for Liebherr’s Mining division. In only a few years after its launch and an already considerable fleet operating all over the globe, it was finally time for Indonesian miners to start experiencing the major advantages the PR 776 would bring to their operations”, stated Max Muench, General Manager of Liebherr Indonesia. 

We are confident that our ultra-class dozer has made and will continue to make its beneficial features clear to a wider audience. The second and third PR 776, which will be delivered to other Indonesian mining concessions shortly this year, are already a favourable indication to us”.

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