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Hutchinson Ports ECT Rotterdam orders 3 new Sany ship-to-shore container cranes

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Hutchinson Ports ECT Rotterdam, one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operators in Europe, has purchased 3 new Sany remote controlled automatic ship-to-shore-cranes. The company handles a majority of the containers at the port of Rotterdam and operates the ECT Delta terminal, the first automated terminal in the world. 

The Sany ship-to-shore container cranes work full automatically and remote controlled. Furthermore, various protection functions ensure that this is done safely, with anti-collision systems monitoring the movements of the crane. This increases safety and reduces the handling time of each individual container.

It was Sany’s leading Key Account Manager Tobias S. Ling who contributed much to the relationship with ECT’s tender team during the bidding stage: “We actually turned the high-level request into a tailor-made complete solution that covered all the aspects required.” 

Daniel Zhong, Key Account Manager Technical Specialist at Sany adds: “For such a huge container terminal, the size of the cranes plays a decisive role. With Super Panamax-size technical requirements, the Sany ship-to- shore container cranes fit perfectly into the concept of tasks at the ECT Delta terminal. From their high performance of the individual components to the best possible terms of delivery and the fact that our European headquarter is located rather close to Rotterdam.” 

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