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Anker expands with Tadano

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Lüneburg-based crane service provider Anker expands its Tadano fleet with new AC 45 City in addition to its brand-new ATF-220-5.1 that has been put into operation a few months ago. “The City cranes from Zweibrücken have been a mainstay of our fleet for a long time now. We got our first City in 1999, and as time went on, we got it a sibling simply because these cranes are unbeatable as far as we’re concerned,” Jens Anker says. What he found particularly compelling about the new AC 45 City in addition to the compact design and large degree of versatility was the runner, which can be used to telescope loads of up to 25 tonnes. “The newest member of our family will be able to fully take advantage of these characteristics when installing overhead cranes and building industrial facilities. In fact, that’s what we’ll be primarily using it for,” Jens Anker explains. The crane service provider currently uses the ATF-220-5.1 to erect tower cranes, install roofing across long distances, and other jobs. Anker’s fleet not only features the new AC 45 City and Tadano ATF-220-5.1 cranes, but also an AC 30 City and one AC 40 City units, not to mention two HK 40 units, an ATF 70, and an ATF 100. 

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