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Cunzolo boosts lifting capacity with Tadano

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Brazilian crane service provider Cunzolo recently acquired a brand new Tadano ATF 400G-6 with all the bells and whistles. The new 400-tonne crane is equipped with five-piece 60-meter telescopic boom and the fixed jib of 49.5 meters ordered by Cunzolo. In addition, the company also bought all optional additional features, which make it possible to tackle a wide variety of applications. This includes the aforementioned 78.5-meter luffing jib and the PS boom suspension system. These options dramatically broaden the range of applications for the Tadano ATF 400G-6. For a crane of this capacity class, the ATF 400G-6 is well maneuverable thanks to steerable axles, which enables it to flexibly adapt to adverse conditions as well. 

“With the new Tadano ATF 400G-6, we’ll now be able to also meet the needs of customers who would have happily asked for a crane of this capacity class earlier on. Needless to say, we’ll also be able to win over potential customers that originally never contacted us because we were missing a crane of this size in our fleet. Thanks to the ATF 400G-6, we’ll now be able to add a whole series of lifts to our range of available services,” highlights General Director Marcos Cunzolo. Within this context, he is thinking both of industrial assignments in the steel, petrochemical, cellulose, and aviation industries and the construction of roads, bridges, and viaducts that require, for instance, large and heavy structural elements made of concrete and steel. On top of this, the crane is ideal for integration into the existing fleet, which means that Cunzolo will now be able to offer its customers even more integrated solutions. “This is a decisive competitive advantage, as many contractors don’t want to work with multiple companies for their projects, but would rather get all services from a single contact instead.”

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