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Cometto SPMTs facing another challenge

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Cometto SPMT self-propelled modular transporters have been used to complete a task for the German company Schares which is currently working on a project at the Th. Winkels in Kleve. The site conditions at the specialist for container and equipment manufacturing only allows the use of a narrow transport vehicle. Thanks to their 2.43 metre width, the self-propelled modular transporters from Cometto have been chosen. 

The task is to move three differently sized steel columns in a 2-file job from the production hall to the outdoor storage area. The smallest column weighs 40 tonnes and is 12 metres long. The middle column has a length of 26 metres and a weight of 80 tonnes. The heaviest element weighs 100 tonnes and is 12 metres long. For the small and the largest column, a 6-axle MSPE bogie with a 202 kW Power Pack Unit was used. For the medium and significantly longer steel element, the Schares team added another 6-axle MSPE bogie to provide the appropriate load support points. 

Joe Schönfeld, the driver of the combination, reports: ”Once again impressive how easily and precisely these transport masses can be positioned.” And his colleague Dominik Stoßberg adds: “I am also thrilled with the compact radio remote control, which weighs only three kilograms. Even after a long working day, it doesn’t become a burden for me.” 

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