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P&O Maritime Logistics secures two ground-breaking contracts

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P&O Maritime Logistics a worldwide marine solutions and logistics company, has secured two ground-breaking contracts for the Multi Carrying Vessel (MCV) ‘Topaz Amur’, after three years of delivering ‘Super Out of Gauge Project Cargo’ from the Baltic and Black Seas to the Caspian Sea, navigating the complex and shallow Russian inland waterways. 

The first project solidifies Topaz Amur’s place in the industrial projects sector, with the P&O Maritime Logistics-owned RoRo Deck Carrier embarking for a tandem transport of oversize cargos. Future target cargo will include large modules, reactors, pressure vessels, distillation columns, cooling units, power turbine components and other breakbulk cargo. 

In continuation of the partnership with Danish transport and logistics solutions provider Blue Water Shipping, the second project will see Topaz Amur loaded in Esbjerg, Denmark with wind farm equipment to be delivered to the Alexandra Dock in Hull, United Kingdom.

Over the next 12 months, P&O Maritime will significantly increase its presence in the breakbulk market, as Topaz Amur is joined by several sister vessels. With low fuel consumption, the diesel-electric vessels will be a top pick for companies aiming to cost-effectively reduce the carbon footprint of its logistics solution. Trading areas are expected to be expanded from the vessel’s home market in Black Sea, the Russian rivers and the Caspian Sea to include the North Sea, Mediterranean Baltics, among others. 

Robert Desai, Chief Commercial Officer, P&O Maritime Logistics said: “It is testament to the flexibility of the design of the MCVs that the first one has secured commercial bookings after completing its long-term contract with TCO, ensuring it will go on to add value to new customers immediately.

In order to be successful in this segment, we have adopted an approach of developing partnership models with complementary service providers to ensure we deliver tailored end-to-end solutions to the ultimate customer, as we’ve done in this case. Always with a focus on safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective cargo deliveries.“

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