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Demag wins ESTA Awards 2020

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Demag won this year’s ESTA Awards in the “Innovation Manufacturer” category for its electro-hydraulic E-Pack. Due to COVID-19, the prize of the European organisation for transport and crane companies was awarded online. The E-Pack is an electro-hydraulic system designed to be connected to Demag AC 45 City cranes. It features an integrated electric motor that makes zero-emission crane operation possible while reducing noise levels. Potential applications for the E-Pack include crane jobs inside buildings, in dense urban areas, and at night in residential areas and other sensitive surroundings. The E-Pack comes with intelligent electric motor control system which ensures that only the amount of electric power needed to carry out the required functions will be used. Powered through the grid via a 230 V / 16 A connection and a 400 V / 63 A connection, the E-Pack can be used for all crane functions, as well as to run the hydraulic air conditioning system. When operating the crane with the E-Pack, the corresponding controls are seamlessly integrated into the IC-1 crane control system and can be used via the touchscreen in the operator cab. When traveling, the crane can transport the E-Pack in the back with a special retaining system so that the E-Pack does not need to be transported to the work site separately.
Demag is planning to also offer the E-Pack for other AC crane models in the medium term.

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