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Bronto Skylift appoints new Project Managers

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Bronto Skylift has named Jarmo Kokkola and Juha Särkijärvi as Project Managers to oversee and develop the total order-to-delivery process. Jarmo Kokkola is a long-time Brontonian with 12 years of experience from engineering, product management and sales within the company. Juha Särkijärvi on the other hand is a new member of the Bronto Family with extensive project management experience from the automation and energy industries in Europe and America. Juha joins Bronto from Valmet Technologies, where he has served for the last 16 years.
“With their different backgrounds Juha and Jarmo are a perfect mix for this important function and enable us to get a more in-depth grasp of our overall project management. With their help we will be able to take the customers’ experience to new heights,” says Roberto Quintero, Sales, Marketing, Project and Product Management Director from Bronto Skylift.

KokkolaJarmo c LR 1
Photo: Jarmo Kokkola
Srkijrvi Juha kuva
Photo: Juha Särkijärvi

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