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CEVA Logistics expands in Africa

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CEVA Logistics is launching a three-part expansion plan for the African market with the aim to become one of the leading, continent-wide market player. The logistics solutions provider is accelerating its expansion in East and Southern Africa with the acquisition of AMI Worldwide, a third-party logistics provider which has more than 100 years of expertise in the region. Effective July 1st, the AMI Worldwide office network in 12 countries in East and Southern Africa and its almost 1,000 employees will join the CEVA global network.

Three CMA CGM Inland Services (CCIS) facilities are also joining CEVA’s network in Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. These intermodal sites provide a launch platform for the company’s freight management ambitions. CEVA is also expanding in Mauritania, where a direct presence has been established with extensive expertise in transit corridor operations, and in Ethiopia, where a new joint venture with MACCFA will be integrated into the CEVA network.

With these new strategic investments, CEVA is expanding its capabilities in Africa, where it is able to provide a full range of logistics services to meet the rapid growth of the retail and consumer goods markets there. In total, CEVA Logistics in Africa will have a presence in 41 countries through 79 offices, 1,300 staff members, 19 full-service warehouses providing 135,000 square meters of storage and a fleet of 1,500 trucks.

Mathieu Friedberg, Chief Executive Officer – CEVA Logistics, states: “Businesses across the African continent enjoy significant growth prospects and logistics solutions are crucial to materializing these opportunities, by ensuring supply chains work well and trade flows run smoothly. With our strategic, continental expansion plan, CEVA will play an integral part in supporting the continent’s socio-economic emergence, offering our customers our full range of tailored, innovative solutions along with our recognized expertise and our operational excellence. In so doing, we aim to become a leading, continent-wide market player. From December 2020, CEVA Logistics will become the single brand representing all our activities in Africa.”

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