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Hendrik Veder Group promotes workplace safety

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To maintain its focus on safety during the corona crisis, Hendrik Veder Group is teaming up with Tagpoint Training. Now, employees who must work from home due to the corona pandemic can still take part in online training modules offered by Tagpoint.

“The trainings from Tagpoint help us raise safety awareness. This enables us to sharpen our focus on safety, even during the corona pandemic. Even if you’re working from home, you can still keep up with your training. We rolled out this training programme quickly to avoid losing any precious time. There are people of many different nationalities working for us at Hendrik Veder, so it is great to be able to offer the programme in multiple languages. This will be even more important when we expand the programme to our branch offices abroad. The dashboard also gives us a quick overview of who has completed the training modules, or who needs more guidance.”

“It takes healthy people to run a company. That’s why raising risk awareness is so important for us. That means being aware of risks and adjusting your behaviour. This ultimately leads to greater safety awareness among our workforce. Tagpoint is helping us to make that happen,” said Johan Brandsma, Health & Safety Lead at Hendrik Veder Group.

Jens Hegeman, Operational Manager for the company says: “Safety consciousness also means that our employees are aware of safety risks not only at work, but also at home. The training modules from Tagpoint are a great, low-threshold method for increasing safety awareness. We hope that our employees will become more conscious of the influence they have on their physical work environment. This will create a space in which everyone can work together happily, efficiently and safely.”

Brandsma adds: “The participants identify with the real-life scenarios covered in the training, so the exercises are more realistic for them. They also have a chance to test what they’ve learned during interactive quizzes. The response to the new trainings has been great. Our employees can take part in the training modules whenever and wherever they want. I will also be using Tagpoint occasionally in the future as a replacement for toolbox meetings. This will make it easier to make the sessions interactive.”

“Each training module focuses on a specific topic that gets people thinking about health and safety in the workplace,” continues Brandsma. “What we’re seeing is that people are becoming more aware of risks and doing their part to promote safety. I think that Tagpoint will also become a regular fixture in our work meetings.”

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