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Mammoet Germany receives BSK Award 2019

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Mammoet Germany wins the BSK Award for Best Crane Work of the year in 2019. Mammoet was chosen based on the safe and timely completion and planning of heavy lifts executed for the installation of the world’s largest land-based heavy-duty gantry crane, the TCC 78000, at the Liebherr plant in Rostock. This was completed on behalf of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH. Components weighing up to 430 Te had to be lifted to heights of up to 105 m, and Mammoet was able to develop a solution using tandem and three-crane lifts to accommodate this. The heavy lift specialist completed the lifts even when the work was made challenging due to changing weather conditions and occasional sudden wind peaks.

BSK Award: The Federal Specialist Group for Heavy Transport and Crane Work (BSK) awards an annual prize for the best performance in the areas of heavy transport, crane work and assembly. A jury of experts evaluate the submissions with regards to the quality of the submission documents, the degree of difficulty of the task and the solution to any challenges that may be incurred.

Photo: Gernot Öder, Manager Crane and Transport Projects, Engineering & Project Management at Mammoet Germany holds the BSK Award for the best “Crane Work of the Year 2019” in his hands.

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