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Road 2015 LLC relies on Palfinger

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Road 2015 LLC, one of the leading players in the block building production industry in Georgia, has been in operation since 2010. The company places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional service. As a result of this commitment, Road 2015 LLC has decided to partner with Palfinger Georgia. The entire fleet of block building production equipment at Road 2015 LLC now includes five PK 17.001 SLD 3 rear-mounted units. “The PK 17.001 SLD 3 working horse has a comfortable outreach of around 13 meter and a perfect lifting moment of nearly 16 meter tons”, said David from Road 2015 LLC

Additionally, the crane has impressed with its Single Link Plus feature. The knuckle joint on the crane’s knuckle boom significantly enhances lifting power at the crane tip, allowing for more efficient work in tight spaces and low door openings. These solid and reliable cranes are also equipped with radio remote control, which allows for easy maneuvering of heavy loads through extended range of operation. 

Road 2015 LLC does not solely rely on cranes for their operations. They also utilize additional Palfinger equipment to enhance the flexibility of the crane. One such example is the Palfinger crane manipulator on the PK 17.001 SLD 3 crane tip. This feature increases safety and efficiency for crane operators like David by allowing for swift delivery of building block pallets to customers.

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