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AAL transports 20,000FRT of iron reclaimer components

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AAL has recently completed a transport of 20,000 freight tonnes of fabricated breakbulk reclaimer components from Henderson to Port Hedland in Western Australia for global project logistics provider NMT and its client, industrial engineering giant Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions. 

The lift, stowage, and transport of these units, the largest of which was the bucketwheel boom at just under 65 metres long, was undertaken by the crew of the AAL Nanjing, working in close cooperation with AAL’s transport engineers who had been planning the operation. 

AAL’s Head of Transport Engineering, Nicola Pacifico
Photo: AAL’s Head of Transport Engineering, Nicola Pacifico

AAL’s Head of Transport Engineering, Nicola Pacifico, explained, “Due to the large and unconventional size of the reclaimer components, which covered a total area on the vessel of more than 1,800 square metres, the lifting and stowage challenges were significant.

“The seven-month design and planning period for the operation involved AAL working alongside NMT and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ project management team, engaged in weekly online meetings from early February.

“The collaboration proved successful, and the cargo was safely discharged in Port Hedland on schedule for onward transport to Nelson Point, where it will be used in the handling of iron ore.” 

Jayme Bailey, Senior Project Manager at NMT Global Project Logistics
Photo: Jayme Bailey, Senior Project Manager at NMT Global Project Logistics

Jayme Bailey, Senior Project Manager at NMT Global Project Logistics, stated “Our collaborative, team-oriented and hands-on approach proved a winning recipe for all stakeholders on this important project.

“Buy-in from our trusted service providers and a shared willingness to go the extra mile ensured the project was executed without issue, on-time and more importantly, on budget.”

Frank Mueller, General Manager of AAL Australia, concluded, “We are delighted to continue our strong track record for NMT and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, both of whom we are proud to have worked with in the past on domestic industrial projects across Australia.

“The local multipurpose shipping market is still challenging since COVID, with port disruptions and labour issues affecting schedules and normal operations.

“The Australian project sector itself has also experienced upheaval and will continue to weather difficult external conditions until a possible peak of investment of A$95 billion per annum in planned infrastructure between 2023-24 and 2025-26.

“We will therefore continue to ensure our services within the sector remain consistent and keep delivering for our customers despite any and all market challenges.”

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