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MyCrane offers zero-emissions lifting equipment

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MyCrane has partnered with Netherlands-based PV-E Cranes to offer zero-emissions cranes for sale or rent, providing more choice for the digital platform’s global clients. PV-E’s emission-free crawler cranes are fully electric, battery-operated and can run for 10-12 hours on a single charge. The product range consists of an 80, 100, 160 and 250-ton crawler crane, with several boom options such as fixed jibs, luffing jibs and heavy duty jibs. As a result of this partnership agreement, signed last week in MyCrane’s Dubai headquarters, PV-E’s crawler cranes will be available to buy on the MyCrane Marketplace, and can be rented through the MyCrane platform. 

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Photo: MyCrane founder and CEO Andrei Geikalo (left) and Joost Bömer, CEO of PVE Cranes Group (right), signed a partnership agreement in Dubai

“There is a clear drive towards zero-emission working in the construction sector, as we will no doubt hear at Bauma,” said MyCrane CEO and founder Andrei Geikalo. We are delighted to partner with PVE Cranes Group to offer more choice for our clients, especially those who need to keep noise and emission values in mind as they bid for projects. MyCrane is keen to play our role in the transition from diesel to electric-powered electricity.”

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