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Kobelco: Out of ordinary G-Series

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Developed from real jobsite experiences and designed for excelling worldwide in performance and reliability in the most extreme working conditions, Kobelco Cranes at this year’s Bauma will stand out of ordinary.

The centre piece of Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe – Crane Division’s stand is the third generation of its G-Series, the new CKE900G-3 lattice boom crawler crane. This model has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes at 3.6m, or 90 tonnes at 3.9m, with a maximum boom length of 61m. Maximum lifting capacity with the fixed jib is 10.9 tonnes at 18.0m, giving a maximum combination of 51.8m + 18.3m. Maximum line speed is 120 m/min and Main and Auxiliary winches have a Rated Line Pull is 112 kN (11.4 tf). 

The CKE900G-3 can be used as a 100t, 90t and 80t crane. Standard operating weight is 90.1t when equipped with 31.900 kg standard counterweight and 14.4t carbody weight. Base machine transport weight with lower boom is 41.360 kg. Optional extras on display include a track-type undercarriage fitted with triple grouser shoes, a Kobelco camera system, with two full-colour cameras providing rear view and left-side view along base machine, as well as a hook height and depth indicator. Supplied as standard on the CKE900G-3 are a slewing restrictor, digital inclinator, conflux hydraulic circuit, five LED work-lights, and a 500mm-wide catwalk with handrails along the left- and right-side of the base machine. 

As standard Kobelco G-Series also include Kobelco’s KCross (Kobelco Remote Observation Satellite System) which allows remote monitoring of the crane alongside daily, weekly, and monthly operational reports to help plan service and maintenance. 

Three energy saving systems 

The G-Series models are engineered with “G Mode”, 3 energy saving systems from Kobelco to help conserve energy by reducing fuel consumption up to 25%. 

G-Winch for higher spooling speeds without raising engine speed, saving energy. The high speed mode allows the hook to be raised or lowered at maximum line speed without raising engine speed when lifting without a load, or even when lifting with a light load. 

G-Engine reduces fuel consumption by keeping the engine running within fuel-efficient parameters by limiting maximum engine speed. Engine speed is reduced but pump capacity is controlled to maintain maximum winch speed for running or lifting. Using G-Engine function reduces fuel consumption by approx. 10% when compared to operations on a normal crane without this function.

And the Auto-Idle-Stop function stops the engine automatically when the engine on the crane is idling, which lowers emissions and saves fuel. 

Other design features include a compact structure for transportability, a large cab design, an LMI touch screen and an optional counterweight detection device. The G-Series is a “versatile” crane designed to stand front and center in many applications. 

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