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 CroSStab stabilisation system available for EFFER 1000

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The patented CroSStab stabilisation system is now available for the Hiab loader crane EFFER 1000. The optional CroSStab enhances vertical lifting power and the possibility to work in tight spaces. “The EFFER 1000 was designed to fulfil the challenging requirements of the construction industry and rental and service business. The CroSStab stabilisation system allows EFFER 1000 customers to use the crane for complex lifting scenarios in metropolitan areas or in tight town environments, as well as increasing the crane’s vertical application capabilities,” says Giampaolo Chiffi, Global Product Manager, Super Heavy, Hiab.

The CroSStab stabilisation system is composed of two front opening angled stabilisers. The left stabiliser can swivel to the needed opening angle up to 123°, which allows the system to increase the stabilisation area in the front part of the truck. When used in the perpendicular traditional position, the left stabiliser offers an increased stability performance due to its longer length of 4.5 metres. This is particularly beneficial in lifting scenarios where a long horizontal reach is necessary. CroSStab also enables operators to lift loads in front of the truck and makes front stabilisers redundant, saving weight and cost of this add-on.

Launched in 2021, the EFFER 1000 is a 90 tonne metre loader crane offering a  nine section boom structure with six JIB extensions. The crane only weighs 9,500 kg but delivers the performance of bigger cranes, which reduces emissions. The CroSStab has been available for EFFER crane models 955 and 1405 since 2010. It will become available as an option to order for EFFER 1000 starting from July 2022.  

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