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Bronto Skylift upgrades control system

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Bronto Skylift’s flagship products, the HLA-range aerial platforms, now feature the fifth generation Bronto5+ control system as well as resistive touch screens. One of the important features enabled by the Bronto5+ is Bronto’s fleet management tool Skyliftfleet. Thanks to the latest technology, the units will send all operational data to the Skyliftfleet portal, where owners, operators, fleet managers and service can easily check and optimize daily usage, performance and plan preventive maintenance cycles. As the units traditionally have a long lifespan and multiple owners, it is a crucial safety factor that the service history is transparent throughout the lifecycle. Skyliftfleet stores the service history in one place. Also all important manuals and other information about each unit is stored in Skyliftfleet for easy access. The location of each unit can also be tracked in real time. The remote service capabilities will remain the same, but through the use of the latest technology. Service personnel can log on to the unit and do various fault finding, calibration and other tasks as before. The HLA range are mainly designed for industrial operations with extremely challenging high-rise installations like antennas, multi-storey buildings, windfarms, etc. This range includes one of the world’s highest truck-mounted access platforms.

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