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Eiffage Génie Civil and Chantiers Modernes Construction awarded Guiness World Records

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Eiffage Génie Civil  and Chantiers Modernes Construction teams, who are taking part in the transformation of the Syctom household waste treatment center in Ivry/Paris XIII were awarded the Guinness World Records for the longest slipform made in once. Slipform can be implemented faster than conventional concrete construction and, using this technique, the teams were able to build the new collection and storage pit for residual household waste for the future energy recovery unit in just 19 days, from 18 February to 13 March 2020. The structure also features extraordinary dimensions: 62 m long, 22 m wide and 31.5 m high, with a total of 212.78 m produced by slipform that required 3,634 m3 of concrete, 671 tonnes of steel and 278 hydraulic cylinders. 

“This success is the result of our teams’ boldness, spirit of innovation and adaptability in the face of challenges during the phases of preparation and execution. We are proud to have set this record, which pays tribute to our design and work teams. In all, 160 people were involved in the operation,” said Karim Rahbani, Deputy Director of Île-de-France Public Works at VINCI Construction France. 

The project involves transforming the current centre, which is nearing the end of its lifespan, into a cutting-edge facility with higher environmental performance. By the end of 2023, the current incinerator will be replaced with a new energy recovery unit able to process 350,000 tonnes of residual household waste every year.

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