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Two more Liebherr ship to shore container cranes for Anwerp

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Antwerp Container Terminal (ACOT), a member of the SEA-invest Group, has placed an order for two Liebherr ship to shore container cranes. The cranes are identical to an STS delivered to ACOT in 2020. The Liebherr STS cranes have an outreach of 60 m, a span of 30 m, a backreach of 25 m, a lift height over rail of 46 m and a safe working load of 65 tonnes under twin lift spreader. A unique feature of the cranes is that they have offset primary rocking beams to allow flexibility in future operations and can operate on quays with a span of 30.48 m as well as 30 m. The new cranes will sit on the 900 m long deep-water berth, allowing ACOT to handle super- postpanamax vessels with up to 22 rows across the deck. 

SEA-invest, one of the world’s largest terminal operators, has established a worldwide reputation in the fields of stevedoring, warehousing and other port related activities in no less than 25 ports spread across two continents. In Antwerp, SEA-invest initially had a focus on bulk activities, before expanding into fruit handling and tank storage. The acquisition of a container terminal from Independent Marine Terminal in 2016, laid the groundwork for what was to become Antwerp Container Terminal. Since its inauguration,The new Liebherr machines will complement the older STS cranes that came with the initial purchase of the terminal in 2016. 

Liebherr Container Cranes Managing Director- Sales, David Griffin explained further “As SEA-invest grows and develops in container handling, Liebherr is pleased to be able to continue the journey with them. SEA-invest has counted on Liebherr for their stevedoring operations and are accustomed to the quality, reliability and productivity that Liebherr cranes can bring. We are look forward to seeing the three Liebherr STS at the centre of ACOT’s operations for many years to come.” 

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