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Alimak introduces a new construction hoist 
for elevator shafts

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Alimak announces the launch of the new construction hoist for elevator shafts during Bauma China 2020. Engineered and manufactured in China, the new Alimak LSH is is designed for use inside elevator shafts during building construction. The construction hoist offers a number of features which enhance efficiency and drive productivity in comparison to traditional traction jump-lifts. The hoist, which can serve the highest floors, can be installed quickly with jumping operations doubling in efficiency. 

Adding an extra hoist inside a building’s elevator shaft is ideal for transporting workers when outside space is restricted, or when additional capacity is required. Designed for use in elevator shafts, the hoist has an internal size of 1.8 x 1.5 meters and 2.8 meters in height. The hoist car can transport multiple workers or goods up to 2,000 kilograms. The hoist unit is easily installed inside the elevator shaft by tower crane and the installation process takes half the time of a traction jump-lift. 

As a building reaches high levels, the elevator height must be extended. With rack and pinion technology and without the need for a counterweight, jumping an Alimak LSH is twice as fast and more cost-efficient than a traditional jump-lift. The Alimak LSH is able to serve the top level of the construction site due to the rack and pinion technology without the need for a bulky machine room or heavy steel beams for fixing suspension wires at the top. Traction solutions cannot reach such high levels and are unable to support concrete work at the top of a site.

Before the Alimak LSH is dismantled it can be used to support the installation of elevator guide rails inside the shaft. The Alimak LSH can then easily be dismantled by tower crane upon completion of the construction work if the shaft is still open at the top. The bolted design of the hoist allows for easy dismantling and removal when the shaft is already closed. The robust and durable design of the Alimak LSH is engineered for tough working conditions. 

With safety rails and fall protection on the roof of the Alimak LSH and without the need of a counterweight, the construction hoist provides for increased safety and straightforward installation, jumping and dismantling.

Alimak LSH is equipped with a large-display control panel of stainless-steel design. With the user-friendly 7” touchscreen with protective glass and ingress protection IP54, Alimak’s intelligent hoist monitoring system delivers real-time hoist status information.

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