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Leoch Lithium LFeLi series offers fast charging, maintenance-free 12V and 24V batteries, up to 40 per cent lighter than lead acid models

Leoch Battery UK Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Leoch International – a world-leading battery manufacturer, has launched the new Leoch Lithium LFeLi series of 12V and 24V batteries for lifestyle and industrial markets in the UK.

Leoch’s new range of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries offer long life, no maintenance, light-weight and fast charging capabilities for users in markets including network power, signalling and mobile energy, solar and renewables, motive power, cleaning and maintenance, electric vehicles, golf, leisure, marine and electric boat, materials handling and mobility.

The Leoch LFeLi batteries offer extremely high cycle life, surpassing the performance levels of lead acid batteries, with up to 2,000 at 100 per cent depth of discharge (DOD) and up to 5,000 at 50 percent DOD. They are up to 40 per cent lighter than lead acid equivalents for weight-sensitive applications such as marine and mobility scooters, maintenance-free and fast-charging, meaning less downtime for operatives and users. 

The new batteries’ partial state-of-charge resilience is a major advantage as, unlike many other batteries, opportunity charging can take place at convenient times throughout an operative’s working day, increasing productivity. The range is based on LiFePO4 chemistry, one of the safest lithium technologies on the market, with the risk of thermal runaway greatly reduced compared with other lithium chemistries.

For extremely demanding telecom applications, Leoch has also developed 48V lithium iron (LiFePO4) modules to replace front terminal 48V strings of lead acid batteries, providing high cyclic capabilities of more than 5000 cycles at 60 per cent DOD. A 19-inch rack mounting design facilitates simple replacement in existing installations and easy maintenance. 

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