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Liebherr mobile harbour cranes load first containers of the New Silk Road

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After a 10,000 km journey from the Chinese city Xi’an, the first containers of the New Silk Road have been loaded in the port of Rostock. They were transferred from ship to rail by EUROPORTS Germany using their recently acquired Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour cranes. The terminal operator plans to expand Rostock into a distribution centre and also to connect Sweden and Italy to the New Silk Road link.

Liebherr equipment turns Rostock into an efficient multipurpose port and future distribution centre of the New Silk Road

EUROPORTS Germany has prepared itself for the challenges ahead by purchasing two Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour cranes. In addition to container and general cargo handling, they are also used for heavy- duty tandem lifts. With a capacity of up to 144 tonnes per unit, tandem lifts of up to 288 tonnes are possible. Several employees of EUROPORTS Germany were trained by professional Liebherr trainers in an extensive training course on the general handling of the Liebherr mobile harbour crane as well as on the use of the various additional features.

EUROPORTS Germany loads containers of the New Silk Road with Liebherr mobile harbour cranes

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