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The impact of e-commerce on the warehousing industry

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The role of e-commerce has been growing in the entire industry as well as in the warehousing business. It is estimated that during the upcoming year the scope of the delivering parcels from the Internet shops will increase by 70%. Alongside with the development of the e-commerce, the prices of the delivery are going to be raised.
If the similar trend maintans in Poland, the retail chains and the big production companies should be ready for the relocation of their logistics backup nearby big cities in order to improve a purchasing process. Even now there is a noticeable demand for the warehouse halls which provide the internal logistics of the retail chains, logistics operators and productions companies.

The most popular warehosusing components are big-box and build-to-suit (BTS). Big-box is the large size space with the Surface over 10 000 square meters and about 10 square meters height. Spaces like BTS are created for the specific demmands of the client – but size, localization and the funcionality are customized on request for the clients’s wishes. Next warehousing module which is taking into consideration is build-to-own (BTO) which is made by the developer for the order of the client on property. The demand for the warehouse space is growing continually not only among the Polish companies because the half of the storahouse’s space is rented by the foreigns companies.
The scalability of the companies like reatil chains influnces on the requirements to start the new canals of the sale and move the trade into the Internet hence there is a growth of owning distribiution centres. Cross-border includes sale from Poland into foreign countries but also Polish consumers use the offer from the other markets than domestic ones.

Warehousing solutions implemented in e-commerce
A big competition among internet shops imposes the companies to modernize their activities that is why e-commerce is becoming one of the most modern branch of the selling.
The companies offering purchase by the Internet have to match up to the solutions used in the West market and modernize the activities for example by goods flow of automation. Increasing clients expectations connected with speed delivery, a simple possibility to return or exchange the purchase and the companies are forced to make more flexible supply chain movement. The owners of the internet shops can become the main recipients of the storage market.
Among the newest solutions in warehousing logistics it can be listed the pick modules which are used to manage of completion by the goods. It’s funcionality helps avoiding paper documentary, helps to find the assortment in the warehouse shelves and inform about the amont of the commodity what influnces on the improvement of the storage process. Pick systems are easy in operating and it can be customized to every type of activity.
AGV robots (Automated Guided Vehicles) are mobile transport vehicle which help transfer goods from one place to another equipped with security sensors and scanners significantly easy to work in the large warehouses. Similar features have the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) which move by the GPS navigations. Built-in the artificial intelligence in its system, let the robots to choose the paths using the cameras.
Modern internet shops having their own assortment in warehousing halls use the VAS system (Value-Added Services), which is named added value in the whole supply chain. Those forms of extra services can ifluence on incerasing sales and in the improvement of the customer service. The examples of such solutions can be labeling, copacking or foliation what makes the the ordered product more attractive by adding the extra gadget or decorative paper.

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