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Hendrik Veder Group supplies Fugro Marine Services with complete rigging lofts

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Fugro Marine Services now benefits from Hendrik Veder Group’s rigging lofts, which are containers filled with inspected and certified equipment that can be used immediately. Furthermore, Hendrik Veder Group has implemented an online platform that provides Fugro with real-time updates on the status, location, and certification of its lifting equipment.
Hendrik Veder Group

To ensure maximum safety and sustainability, Hendrik Veder Group replaces Fugro’s rigging loft every six months with a new one filled with inspected and recertified equipment. If any equipment has reached the end of its lifespan, it is recycled through their recycling program. Lifting equipment that can be reused undergoes recertification, providing riggers with safe and approved materials to work with. By reusing lifting equipment, Fugro has reduced costs and minimized carbon emissions associated with incineration or production of new rope.

“When it comes to lifting and rigging equipment, Hendrik Veder takes care of everything we need. We no longer have to worry about not having the right equipment on hand, or about materials being unusable or uncertified. Now we can focus even better on our core business. Our riggers on the job have everything they need right at hand, which saves a lot of time—and money. And since we can easily check our certificates online now, things run smoothly and quickly any time there’s an inspection by the Marine Warranty Surveyor”, a spokesperson for Fugro says.

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