Eiffage and Bioservo Technologies AB collaborate to develop the “Ironarm”

One year after the development of “Ironhand” the bionic glove concept, Bioservo Technologies AB and the infrastructure division of Eiffage strengthen their collaboration on a new project called “Ironarm”. This new concept will also use Bioservo’s SEM technology designed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive or strenuous tasks.

“We were impressed by the results achieved during the test period conducted with the bionic glove in real work situations in different areas within the Group. A reduction or compensation between 25 to 82% of the efforts of the workers was observed. Bioservo’s SEM ™ technology is well suited to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and to encourage the employment of people with disabilities. We are going to strengthen our partnership with Bioservo to develop “Ironarm”, a solution that can reduce the impact of strenuous work on the full arm,” explains Erick Lemonnier, Prevention Director at Eiffage’s Infrastructures Division.

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