Nooteboom granted LIFTAD patent

The Netherlands-based equipment manufacturer Nooteboom has been granted the European patent for the LIFTAD, the special lift adaptors for the Mega Windmill Transporter. The LIFTAD-100 was developed for the transport of large tower sections, up to just over 40metres in length without using a loading floor. Depending on the diameter of the tower section, the LIFTAD can lift up to 100 tonnes.
“The Liftad is steeples adjustable so that various dimeters of tower sections can be transported. The MWT is an important transport concept within the market of wind energy. More than 80 Mega Windturbine Transporters have been delivered that are all still in use, and every year new MWT’s are added to this number,” explained the constructor.
The LIFTAD This latest patent for Noteboom will remain valid until the end of 2023.

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