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New Grove dealer for Manitowoc in Hungary

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Manitowoc Cranes has recently named Nyìrség Nehézgép 93’Bt. as its Grove crane distributor in Hungary to develop and strengthen its presence in the country. Founded in 1993, the Hungarian company based in Nyìregyhàza will provide a number of services including sales of new and used Grove cranes. Thorsten Bolender, Area Sales Manager at Manitowoc Cranes said: “I am confident that we will have a strong partnership with them and that our presence in the Hungarian market will grow as a direct result of this appointment.”


Photo: Thorsten Bolender (Area Sales Manager Manitowoc Cranes), Balàzs Séra (Sales Manager Nyìrség Nehézgép 93’Bt.), Ferenc Séra (CEO Nyìrség Nehézgép 93’Bt.) and Klaus Kröppel (Vice President Sales Mobile Cranes, Europe & Africa) in front of a Grove GMK5200-1 mobile crane at the Manitowoc factory in Wilhelmshaven.

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