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Kalmar unveils new hybrid RTG port handling crane

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This machine builds on the performance of the previous generation of RTG to deliver greater savings in energy efficiency, air emissions, noise and maintenance costs.

The old super-capacitor system has been replaced by the latest litheum-ion battery technology, which has a much higher energy storage capacity. The Li-ion battery, guaranteed for five years, is associated with a smaller diesel engine, consuming up to 50% less fuel than a conventionally powered RTG, but also quite and easier to maintain.

The new Kalmar Hybrid RTG also features a “regenerative” energy system that stores energy generated by braking and spreader-lowering for later use.

This platform also offers several advanced features. These include an intuitive graphical user interface as standard as well as options such as an electro-mechanical anti-sway system, SmartProfile stack anti-collision system, and SmartView camera system.The Kalmar Hybrid RTG can be customized to meet the precise needs of each operator terminal in terms of height, width and cabin options.

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