ALE strengthens fleet with three Krøll K1650L tower cranes

ALE has added three new Krøll K1650 L tower cranes to their global fleet to save time and money for various clients in the wind sector.

This type of crane has lifting capabilities that are destined for the wind energy market, with increased lifting height, and the ability to work at high wind speeds and with uneven or small hardstands.

The compactness of this crane makes possible to reduce the civil works and thus the costs. Its low counterweight, increased visibility, and quick assembly functionally optimises overall project efficiency. With its 70 m short boom, the up and down area can be significantly shortened compared to equivalent lattice boom crane. This, combined with the very short minimum boom radius, reduces the amount of terrain impacted by the crane, potentially reducing costs and environmental impact.

“We work closely with our clients to understand potential challenges in the future, such as increased hub heights or heavier components, and where there is the opportunity to make time and cost savings. The tower crane solution has lifting capabilities like no other on the market, and by investing in these cranes, it represents a further ground-breaking advancement in our step to become world leaders in the renewable wind industry.” explains Danilo Viappiani, Regional Engineering Manager.