Burkina Faso inaugurated West Africa’s largest solar energy plant

The presidents of the French Republic and Burkina Faso, Mr. Emmanuel Macron and Mr. Roch Christian Kaboré inaugurated in Zagtouli the largest solar power plant in West Africa of 33 MW. This project is funded by the Government of Burkina Faso and a European Union grant of 25 million Euros associated with a loan of 22 million Euros from the French Development Agency.

The plant, consisting of 129,600 solar panels on an area of 55 hectares is part of a comprehensive plan of the State of Burkina Faso to provide 100 MW of solar energy in Burkina Faso by 2025 (about 30% of total country production).

“Zagtouli demonstrates that in the Sahel it is possible to reconcile economic efficiency and the fight against climate change. More than 50% of the energy consumed in Burkina is produced in thermal power plants. With Zagtouli Burkina Faso will save, as you said, 26,000 tons of CO2 per year by producing energy at a price four times lower than thermal energy”, said President Macron.

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