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Žilina’s motorway by-pass opened in Slovakia

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The new motorway by-pass of the D3 around Žilina (in northern Slovakia), which is part of the European multimodal corridor, is now opened to traffic. The trunk road linking Strážov to Brodno is incorporated to this highway. It  is located between Hričovské Podhradie in the west of Žilina, close to the Czech border, to the Polish border. It must ensure liaison between the capital, Slovakia’s southwest and Poland. This project aimed at gradually rounding off the D3 highway, improving national and international transport conditions and increase flow, velocity and safety of the road transport. One of its special features is the 1500 meters-long raised trunk road of which the sub-structure is based on 57 pillars, set up in the Hričov dam. A dedicated road has been built this way to access to the water tank, where it was necessary to control and continuously assess the water level. Tasks have been jointly defined by Eurovia CS and Eurovia SK, which are part of the Vinci’s Eurovia division.

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